Bigg Boss 12 Voting Online {वोटिंग} Vote Poll via Voot App Live Results

By | April 22, 2018

Bigg Boss 12 Voting Online {वोटिंग} Percentage Vote Poll Live Results|  Bigg Boss 12 Voting via Voot app and Voot Website | Bigg Boss Season 12 Online Voting | Just one click to save your Contestant

Are your favorite contestants going down? Is he/she going out of vote? You want to vote him but do not vote due to unavailability of voting line. If yes, then you are arrived at right place. Well Hello guys, we are again came back with one more article that is on Bigg Boss 12 Voting. Yes you heard right. Bigg Boss 12 voting lines going to be open very soon.  Bigg Boss fans will glad to know that, they can save contestants by voting. Here we will discuss about the exact voting procedure and voting methods. We Know If You are a big fan of Bigg Boss then here is the big information for you. If you have your favorite contestant in Bigg Boss house. If he/she has been nominated then you can save you contestant by adding your precious vote in their account. You can check more to out Voting Category for More TV Shows Voting Details. In this section we mentioned most of the show Voting code and Participants names.

Bigg Boss 12 Voting Online

Bigg Boss 12 Voting Online

Bigg Boss 12 Voting

Your vote can save one of the Bigg Boss contestant from getting evicted. In here we will tell you about Bigg Boss polling process and will provide you voting poll. So you all can easily vote for your Bigg Boss 12 favorite contestant and save them for further show. You all have seen many times Bigg Boss contestants saves through the votes and these votes are in public hands. Bigg Boss voting polls has not been opened yet but it will start soon when the show will begin. Many guys watch each and every episode of the Bigg Boss and are aware of voting system. But those who do not know the exact procedure of voting, don’t you worry, we will tell you the simplest way how to vote for your contestant.

Sometimes favorite contestant gets out of the show and this is due to insufficient votes for that contestant. So if your favorite contestant will be inside the Bigg Boss house then you can support him/her. If you want to save your favorite contestant whom you love and like most out of other contestants then vote for him/her.

Bigg Boss 12 Voting Online

Every week in the Bigg Boss house, contestants gets nominated by their fellow housemates. The contestants who gets nominated have to face the eviction on weekends. But they can be save through voting. Out of the nominated contestants which will get the maximum vote will survive for further show. Guys Bigg Boss house contestants needs your precious vote. Save them by your vote. We are here providing you all the details regarding how you can vote for your favorite contestant. Check the process of voting below.

There are three ways by which you can vote for your contestant

  1. By Website
  2. By SMS
  3. Voot App

Guys you can vote either by voot app, voot website or by SMS. Check out the procedure that you have to follow to vote for your favorite. We will tell you step by step voting procedure for voting your contestant.

Bigg Boss Season 12 Online Voting

Bigg Boss season 12 online voting will be started very soon. Save through online voting procedure that we have mentioned below. Check out the steps

  1. To save your favorite contestant log into the website
  2. If you are new for it then need to have register firstly. You can register by clicking on the Register.
  3. After clicking on it small window open, in which you have to enter you registered e-mail. Or you can login with your Facebook account or G-mail account.
  4. A page will open, now all you have to do is to just click on your favorite contestant whom you want to save.
  5. Then finally click on “Submit” for final submission of your vote.

Those who use mobile phones can vote through your mobile phone either by using mobile via voot App. Or by SMS. Here we will tell you all about voting process through these two methods. Just watch down.

Bigg Boss Season 12 Voting through Voot App

Guys, there has been other mode introduced that is mobile application Voot App. Check out the voting process through voot application. First of all, if you don’t have the voot application in your phone then download the voot app from play store.

  1. Open play store from your phone and search for the Voot app.
  2. Now click on the Voot app and install it in your phone.
  3. After installing it open the Voot application and register in it either as a new or by your Facebook account or Google account.
  4. Then click on Bigg Boss season 12 and click on the voting panel.
  5. Select your favorite contestant from the Bigg Boss house and click on it to save him/her.
  6. Then click on “Submit” to cast your vote

Friends you will not charged any single bug for voting purpose through above mentioned procedures. Only need is your data connection. Which you should already have before you are going to vote

Bigg Boss 12 Voting via SMS

Yes you can save your favorite contestant by using your phone. You do not need to have a smart phone to voting for your contestant. You can use simple mobile phone also. All you need to do is simply type a message to save your favorite contestant. Don’t be panic guys we will tell you all the details to save your contestant via message. Write a message in your message box with contestant code and send it on a number which will be disclosed later. But remember sending a message will be charged you. It will be charged Rs 3/-.

Bigg Boss 12 Voting Lines

Every week when a contestant nominated and chance to get evicted, they asks for vote from you people. Every week voting lines for Bigg Boss 12 are opened so that you can save your favorite contestant by your precious vote. Voting lines for Bigg Boss season 12 will be open for 6 days in week and after that the voting lines are closed. So keep in mind that you vote only in specified period that will be allotted.  In every weekend one contestant will be evicted. But only your vote can save them.

Bigg Boss 12 Voting [Live Voting Poll, Result]

Guys as you all know that in Bigg Boss 11 Live voting was occurred. Like also in Bigg Boss 12 Live Voting will takes place. This is the best chance for the audience to vote directly for their favorite contestant.  Make sure that your contestant will be safe for further game show. Make your favorite contestant to win. All the voters will be a part of Live voting. Bigg Boss 12 is going to conduct live voting and audience will vote through live voting to choose the winner. Bigg Boss Live voting will occur only through via Voot app. All you can register yourself on live poll voting page through facebook. Enter into the Live voting and vote for you contestant. From this way all your Live voting will complete. You all can check the Bigg Boss 12 Live voting result in here.

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Guys this all was about Bigg Boss 12 Voting Online . Hope you all get informative material in here. As the season 12 has not been started yet, so there will no voting lines opened. Voting lines will be opened only after starting of the show. As channel has not disclosed the final dates for season 12 but it will be revealed soon. Still then stay in touch with us. Like & share us on social media.

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