Bigg Boss Marathi Audition 2018 मराठी Entry Registration Form Online

By | April 2, 2018

Bigg Boss Marathi Audition 2018, बिग बॉस मराठी 2018, Bigg Boss Marathi Entry Form, Bigg Boss Marathi Registration Form Online.

Hello Guys, Bigg Boss has done the tremendous work in every channel and in every language. You guys have seen the Bigg Boss in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and in Kannada. Now you guys will see the big boss in Marathi language. So this is the great opportunity for Maharashtrains to get enter in the show. You guys could find all the necessary details here on this website.  Guys as you all know Bigg Boss is very controversial show. Everyone knows the format of the show. Those who do not know about the show format or theme, no need to worry we will tell you all the details here about the show. People are crazy about the show and want to get enter in the show. Bigg Boss Marathi will be launched soon. Audience will enjoy this show while sitting at home.  Bigg Boss Marathi Audition will be started soon. As all the big boss versions selects the candidates from common audience as well as celebrities. Perhaps in this show the same will happen. As dates of registration has not been announced yet by the channel but soon it will be revealed.

Bigg Boss Marathi Audition 2018

Applicants those want to Join BB Marathi they can go for Bigg Boss Marathi Audition 2018 season 1. Guys no will know about the destiny, what will happen. So why you shouldn’t  try once your luck. Perhaps you might get win the show. Friends we will tell you all the details about the show so you get help for understanding the show format.  This time Bigg Boss gave golden chance to the Maharashtrians. Guys Bigg Boss is one of the TRP gainer show. One should have eligibility to enter in this show.

Show – Bigg Boss Marathi

Language of the Show – Marathi

Broadcasting Channel – Colors Marathi

Registration Date – Coming Soon

Audition Venue – will be updated soon

Host Name – Check Below

Format of Bigg Boss Marathi

Guys Bigg boss works on the format that coincides with the other Bigg Boss shows. This show has the same format as other language Bigg Boss show. Some mixed contestants have to live in the house according the Bigg Boss rules. You have to follow the Bigg Boss house rules. Every week contestants will be in danger zone. They shall be nominated by their fellow house mates, Who will be get most votes during nomination more the chance of the participant to getting Nominated.

Bigg Boss Marathi Audition

Bigg Boss Marathi Audition

The Nominated participants on every weekends, have to face the public votes. Whom will get the most public votes only the participant will be safe. To be in the house, participants needs the public support and love. Out of 12 participants only 4-5 will got the chance to finale. Winner of the finale shall be prized with a big amount. So you will have to prepare yourself to get entry into the show.

General Regulations that should be followed in the Bigg Boss House:-

  • No one should be allowed to speak in other language rather than Marathi.
  • Everyone should follow the orders of the Bigg Boss in house in any condition.
  • No one will be allowed to use abusive language in the Bigg Boss house.
  • The decision of the Bigg Boss will be considered.
  • Bigg Boss can give which ever a wild card entry.
  • In the house of the Bigg Boss quarrel will not be accepted at all. Whoever will found brawled in the house, then Bigg Boss will have the right to direct eliminate that participant.

Bigg Boss Marathi Host | Latest update

Guys you all will be getting more curious about the host of the show. Perhaps this time show will be hosted by the famous celebrity. The show host has been finalized. Fans will be glad to know that Mahesh Manjrekar has been finalized as the Bigg Boss Marathi host 2018, and now you all will be looking for Bigg Boss Marathi Contestants 2018. You can check below given link for contestants of Bigg Boss Marathi 2018. If you are fan of Bigg Boss Marathi and want to be part of it then you can take part in Bigg Boss Marathi Audition. The Bigg Boss Marathi show will starts from 15 April 2018.

Ability Conditions required for Bigg Boss Marathi:-

Guys, if you are getting excited to enter in the show, then you are in right place. Bigg Boss Marathi has some eligibility conditions that have to fulfill by the candidates who want to participate. But hey don’t you worry about it. We will tell you all the abilities that one should need to get enter in the show.

First – Guy should be more than 18 year old. Below that there will be no entry for the participant.

Second – Participant should know the Marathi language, because the show will be formatted in Marathi language only.

Third – Participant should be citizen of Indian Democracy.

Fourth – Participant should be educated to minimum level i.e. 8th class.

Hope you will be read full eligibility conditions and will be helpful to you.

Now we will discuss about How to get enter in the Show. You may check the detailed information. Get Registered for Bigg Boss by the below mentioned process.

Official Website of Bigg Boss Marathi:- Guys you may get register into the show by logging into the official website.

Bigg Boss Marathi Registration

  1. For Bigg Boss Marathi Registration 2018 you need to visit Voot Website or App.
  2. Guys open the official page of the Bigg Boss Marathi 2018
  3. Get Register yourself by entering username and password.
  4. Then log in to official website by entering your username and password.
  5. Click on the notification “Registration for Bigg Boss Marathi”
  6. Registration form will open, Fill it carefully.
  7. You have to upload a short video of yourself describing yourself. The uploaded video should not be more than 50 MB.
  8. Then click on the Submit button.

Note* – All field in the Registration form will be mandatory. No column should be left blank or your form will be rejected directly.

Bigg Boss Marathi Contestants

Guys, as there will be no dates disclosed by the officials or channel, but the channel will be updated/disclosed the show details soon. This is only to intimate for the eligible and interested candidates to get participate for upcoming Bigg Boss Marathi show.  If you guys are interested in Bigg Boss Marathi Audition 2018, then stay connected to us. This is the only website where you can get all the details regarding the show. Guys we will update the Dates of registration and Auditions soon.

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