Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Season 2 | Google Voting/Missed Call |Elimination Detail

By | April 22, 2018

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Guys, you all know that what the power of voting. Voting can change the future of anyone. Friends here you will get all the information about Bigg Boss Tamil season 2 online vote. Public voting pole for contestants opens in every week. The participants who get the most votes from the public will be safe for the next round and the one who gets the least votes will get out of the show. If you want your favorite contestant remain in the show then vote for it. You have two ways to vote through online and missed call. Public voting poll will started soon for second season of Bigg Boss Tamil. As you all know Bigg Boss Tamil is very famous reality show. People are crazy for this show. Bigg Boss Tamil Vote starts from second week of the show when the show will gets started.


Bigg Boss Tamil Vote

This is a reality show based on Hindi show Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss Tamil 1st was started on 25 June 2017. Season 1st for Bigg Boss Tamil was hosted by Kamal Hassan. 1st season of bigg boss tamil was in ‘Theme Park Chennai’ which is a very beautiful house. This show broadcast by star Vijay channel, which comes from 9:00 to 10.30 PM on week days and 8:30 to 10:00 PM on weekends. This show is for 100 days. Since the start of the Show, people show their love for contestants and support and vote for them and wait, when their favorite participant win the big boss title. Contestants of big boss are given all the facilities inside the house. The contestant will stay inside this house until they are in this show.

For Bigg Boss Tamil Vote, you can vote via online or missed call which is very easy. All the process of voting is given here please follow it.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Online via Google

Guys if you want to save your favorite contestant then you can vote to save your favorite contestant. Here we will tell you all about the Google voting procedure. So watch out the easy steps so that you can vote easily and save your favorite contestant for further game.

  1. First you go to Google search engine and search the “Bigg Boss Tamil Vote”
  2. Now you can see the contestants list voting.
  3. You must register by your g-mail account to vote.
  4. After log in, you will see the contestants names with their images.
  5. You have to click on your favorite contestant and vote for them.
  6. All you can maximize your favorite candidate by 50 or less.
  7. You can also give your 50 votes to different contestants but if you have only one day’s vote limit you cannot vote more than that.
  8. After selecting the vote please click on the submit button to cast your vote.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote via Missed Call 

You can also vote your favorite candidate via missed call. But there is also a voting limit you cannot vote more than 10 calls by your mobile phone one day. Check here to know the missed call number of your favorite contestant. Till then the show has not get started yet. The voting lines have not been opened yet. Every contestant will get a particular missed call number. By dialing on this number you can support your favorite contestant and make them to win. In here we will tell you about each and every detail that how can you support for your favorite contestant. Watch out the steps for your convenience.

  1. Firstly check your favorite contestants missed call number.
  2. Then on you mobile dialing pad, dial the particular missed call number, which is assigned to your favorite contestant.
  3. By doing this you can save your contestant from getting evicted.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Count & Elimination Details

As you all know that the contestants of the Bigg Boss show do not have to keep in touch with their family and friends and the outside world. In the house of big boss they get tasks, which they have to do for living in the house. Every week contestants will be nominated and a single contestant will out of the house. One participant is nominated by two candidates. After which the participant who will gets the lowest public vote then he/she will get eliminated from the show. So, if you want your contestant to be in this show and win the show then you have to vote for them. Your vote is very important for your favorite contestant. So you can vote for your favorite participant from above mentioned procedures.

So guys all the above mentioned details will helps you a lot in voting. All the above mentioned steps has been made easy for your convenience, so that you can easily vote. If you want to get more details you can ask in here. We will be happy if we tell you the details you asked for. In here you will get all the details about any reality show.

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