Dadagiri Season 8 Audition Date 2019

By | December 10, 2018

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Dadagiri Unlimited is a quiz show in Bengali language. This show is broadcasted by Zee Bangla. Dadagiri Unlimited show is presented or hosted by Sourav Ganguly the former Indian Cricket Team Captain. Dadagiri name came from the show host as he is also known as Dada. Show aired twice in a week for 90 minutes. This show has completed its 7 seasons and now is coming up with its 8th season. Show has gained lot of popularity over the years and people love this show. Contestants for the show are selected on the audition bases. In this article Dadagiri 8 Audition Date 2019 Online Registration details are been provided. To know about the show and its audition and registration process read this article below.

Dadagiri Season 8

Dadagiri Season 8 Audition Date 2018 Online Registration

Dadagiri Season 8 Details

Show Name Dadagiri Unlimited
Show Genre Quiz Show
Season Number 8
Host Name Sourav Gangualy
Broadcaster Zee Bangla
Show Release Date June 2019
Show language Bengali
Registration Mode SMS
Available in Article Dadagiri Season 8 Audition Date 2018 Online Registration

In this show contestants are selected by audition in different places of West Bengal. Each contestant represents their own district. This show was first started on 2009. The title song /track of show is given by famous playback singer Arjit Singh. After winning IPL Final, Kolkata owner and famous actor Shah Rukh Khan came to show as celebrity guest in show’s finale. Few seasons were hosted by MIthun Chakrabority, but now Sourav is back in last season and will host this season as well. Over the years show has seen many celebrity guests such as Shah Rukh Khan, Vidya Balam, Farhan Akhtar, Bipasha Basu and Sachin Tendulkar etc. This show is very popular and people want to participate in show. To participate in show people have to go through registration and audition process of show. Dadagiri Season 8 Audition 2019 Registration details are in article below.

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Dadagiri Season 8 Audition 2019

As mentioned earlier, Dadagiri Unlimited Season 8 will be presented by Sourav Gangualy. People love him and most of them just watch this show for him. Show is very popular in West Bengal. In this show people from different districts get chance to represent their district and to win show. Contestants have to answer the questions asked by show host in order to win it. The audition will take place in different parts of West Bengal. Selected people will get direct entry in show and will represent their district. Those people who are interested in participation they first have to register themselves for show. The registration process is kept very simple and people can easily register themselves for show. On bases of registration few selected people will get chance to appear in audition of show and from there, they will represent their district in show as contestant.

Dadagiri Unlimited Season 8 Registration 2019

Before this season people get selected directly from the audition. But, this year first people have to register themselves for the show to appear in the audition of Dadagiri Season 8 Registration 2019. For the registration people have to follow below mentioned steps.

  • For the registration in the show first people have to open the message box.
  • There people need to write the message.
  • In message people have to write their personal details such as Name, Age, Address and Occupation.
  • After that send this message to 58585.
  • People have to SMS from 6:00 PM to 11:30 PM. After and before this time period the registration is not valid.
  • This will complete the registration process of Dadagiri Season 8 Registration 2019.

If you are selected, show team will give you invitation for audition. They will provide you all the details about the audition venue and date.

Dadagiri Season 8 Rounds Details

This show has total of seven rounds. The rounds names are as follows:

  • Selection Round in this round people from different parts of the West Bengal State were selected for the show.
  • Toss Round in this round six selected contestants from West Bengal State and a contestant representing team India participate. Contestants get six clues to answer the question and also seventh clue is given after they finalize their guess.
  • Bouncer Round This round is also known by the name Power Play. In this round random are asked and if contestant able to answer the question without taking the option he/she gets 12 runs. Contestant can also select value of question for 2, 4 or 6 runs. Options will be given according to the question run value. If any other contestant thinks that the given answer is wrong he/she can answer the question and if the answer is right he/she will get double runs and if wring will deduct double runs. One contestant is eliminated in this round.
  • Cover Drive RoundIn this round contestant get the audio – visual questions. Questions in this round are between the ranges of 1 to 4 runs. In this round one contestant is eliminated.
  • Googly Round – In this round host ask some riddles or rebus puzzles from the contestants. For right answer every contestant gets 6 runs. On the other hand, wrong answer deducts 6 runs. One contestant is eliminated in this round too.
  • Full Toss Round – In this round the remaining three contestants have to answer 12 questions. This is a buzzer round and whoever press the buzzer first will get the chance to give the answer. If any contestant answers correctly three questions consecutively he/she will get free hit. Free hit means no negative marking for the runs deduction in next question. In this round one contestant will get eliminated.
  • Bapi Bari Jaa – This is the last round of the show. Last two standing contestants have to compete with each other in this round. In this round contestants can choose six subjects. The questions will be asked from the chosen subjects. Contestants can challenge each other answer in this round too but the answer will kept as secret. Contestant who will score the most runs will win this quiz game show.

Dadagiri All Season Winning District

Dadagiri all seasons winning districts are mentioned under.

KolkataSeason 1

North 24 ParganasSeason 2

BardhamanSeason 3

North 24 ParganasSeason 4

BardhamanSeason 5

Purba MedinipurSeason 6

North 24 ParganasSeason 7 

Now lets see who will be the winner district in season 8. This will only revealed when the season 8 date disclosed by the officials.

The registration process of Dadagiri Season 8 will start very soon. The latest updates of the show will be provided here on this article very soon. Thus, stay in touch with us and like & share us on social media with your friends and relatives.

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