Dance Deewane Voting Online [Online Vote] Through App For Free

By | April 5, 2018

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Do you think you can dance? You want to be dancing star? Then here is something great will be very informative for you. Hello guys again came back pain new dance show named as Color Dance Deewane. Guys, Color TV once again back with a new entertainment on security show Color Dance Deewane which will be started soon. Audition for the Dance Deewane has already started. Those who want to take participate in this show can register themselves. As the audition registration process for dance reality show Dance Deewane has been already started up. Now the matter is for voting. Guys you know voting for any reality show always remaining important for all the contestants. They always ask for audience to support them and to like their performance. Now it’s up to audience that who they will like or dislike? Who they will support?

Dance Deewane Voting

Dance Deewane Voting Online

Dance Deewane Voting

Guys, if your favourite contestant is in the show and you want to support her then you will have to vote for him/her. In this article we will provide you all the details so that you can support your favourite contestants by voting for him/her. Dance Deewane is the dance reality show which is developed by via com 18. This show will conduct the dance Series so that the best talent across the country can be find. The Dance Deewane audition and registration is open to the entire Indian resident whose age will be four years or above that.

Guys it has seen many times that sometimes a good contestants/performer goes out of the show due to non-availability of required votes. Many of the people in audience thinks that what will happen if they do not vote for them alone.

If all think so then good contestants will never be able to gather the votes. So guys, if your favourite contestant is inside the show then it’s your responsibility to vote for him. For voting, the channel has said some online voting procedure so that you can easily access or vote for your favourite contestant. In this article we will tell you each and every single step about the Dance Deewane Voting Online.

Dance Deewane Voting Online

Friends, if your favourite contestant need votes then you have the opportunity to save him/her by giving them your precious vote. Colours Dance Deewane has assigned different modes of voting for the easiness of the viewers or who want to support or vote to their favourite contestants. Guys you can save your favourite contestant from elimination by adding your vote in his/her account. Here we discuss some online voting procedure so that you can easily vote for your favourite contestant at the time they will need. Check out the various processess for Dance Deewane Online Voting.

There are two methods of Dance Deewane Vote Online.

  1. Dance Deewane Voting Online Through Website.
  2. Dance Deewane Voting Online Through VOOT app.

Colors Dance Deewane Vote Online Through Website

Guys if you want to save your favourite contestant then you need to vote for them. For voting purpose you need to check some online procedure is that we are going to described below. Your Single vote will be added to contestants account so that his/her chances of winning will be stronger.

  1. Guys first of all give need to open homepage of
  2. After opening of the homepage you need to search for Dance Deewane 2018.
  3. After that you need to click on vote now.
  4. Then the contestants with their pictures will appear on the screen.
  5. You have to click on your favourite contestant if you want to vote for him/her.
  6. After clicking on your favourite contestant picture you need to click the submit button for final submission of your vote.

So guys this was all about the Dance Deewane Voting Online via website.

Dance Deewane Voting Online Through VOOT App

Now we will discuss about the next voting procedure for Colors Dance Deewane 2018. The next Dance Deewane Voting procedure is through VOOOT app. Guys this is the procedure which you all can access to your mobile. Only the need is to follow some instructions that we are going to discuss below.

  1. Guys firstly you have to open your Mobile play store.
  2. Then you have to search for voot app.
  3. Then you need to download this app on your phone.
  4. After downloading this app you have to install it on your phone.
  5. After successfully installing this app open the app and search for dance Deevani.
  6. Then click on vote now option.
  7. After this contestants names and profile pictures will be displayed on your screen.
  8. Then click on your favourite contestant to vote for him/her.
  9. After successful clicking you need to submit your vote.

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So guys this was all about Dance Deewane Voting Online [Online Vote] Through App For Free. As you all know that audition energy station for the dance Deewane 2018 is still going on. After the starting of this so voting lines will be opened and you all can vote for your favourite contestant. Remember your vote can make contestant carrier in dancing industry. Guys the above mentioned process will not charge any single rupee. It is free of cost the only need is your Internet connection. Make sure your Vote goes to the right contestant. Guys stay linked with us for more updates regarding any reality show.

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