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By | April 24, 2018

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Dance India Icon is the first Indian dancing reality show who changed the definition of dance in Indian television. Dancers get a new identity on this stage they get new achievements and get a chance to make a career in dancing. 1 season of Dance Icon India was very much liked by people and now show is coming with  its 2 season of Anjan TV. Anyone who wants to participate in this show can also be solo and group dancer. Those who are passionate about dancing and who are confident in their dancing skills will definitely participate in this show. This is very good platform for those people who want to show their talent to the entire country and want to be something in the world of dance. Here we will discuss all about Dance Icon India Vote 2018.

Dance Icon India Vote 2018

Dance Icon India Vote 2018

Dance Icon India Vote 2018

If you want to take part in this show then the process of audition and registration has started. So register and be a part of the show Dance Icon India vote season 2. The participant selected dance India icon have to perform in front of the judges and the audience. The entire participants who perform well are able to perform in their next round through their voting and performing and voting. Participant who won the heart of the viewer from his performance and who gets the most votes from the audience reaches the finale of the show. If you want to support your favorite contestant and if you want to remain in this show and become the winner of the show then vote for him..

Dance Icon India Vote 2018 Online Detail

There are many such viewer who want to vote for their favorite contestant but they do not know how to vote. So we will tell you how you can vote for your participant Dance Icon India Vote 2018. Here some steps that will help you to vote. Before you vote let us tell you what your vote is worth. Today the result of all the reality show in India is depends on the audience. The vote leads the participant to his position. So your vote is very precious it can only fulfill the dreams of any contestant and can finish it. So please do not slackness to vote and understand the importance of your vote and vote for your favorite candidate.

  1. First you go to the official page of Dance Icon India.
  2. Now click on Dance Icon India Vote 2018 online voting.
  3. After this you will see a list of Dance Icon India participants
  4. Now click on the name of your favorite contestant.
  5. After clicking the contestant name voter has to put his detail here.
  6. Now click on the submit button.
  7. After this your vote successfully submitted.

Dance Icon India Vote 2018 Through Miss Call Number

Dance Icon India Vote 2018 also introduces the other mode of voting. If you do not want to vote by the above mentioned voting process, don’t bother yourself. Here is another mode of voting. Yes you all can vote via dialing a missed call number. Every contestants of Dance Icon India will be provided by a number, which will be unique for all. Only you need to dial this number. Give only a missed call on that number which will be particular for each and every contestant. Yet there has been no such numbers will be there, but as the show will get start the missed call numbers will be provided by the show.

  1. Firstly, check the missed call number of your contestant.
  2. Then dial this number from you mobile phone.
  3. Only give the missed call on this number to vote for your favorite contestant.
  4. After this the vote will directly added in your favorite contestant account.

So this was all about the Dance Icon India Vote 2018 via miss call numbers. By this way you can vote via offline mode to your favorite contestant to save him/her from getting evicted. Dance Icon India voting through missed call. Guys you can vote from the mobile phone for which you have to give the number of contestant via missed call. In this way you can take part in voting process. Guys as the Dance Icon India has not been started yet. But soon it will get started. Stay connected with us. You can get here all the recent updates. You just only need to keep an eye on us.

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