[डांस का नया तेवर] Dance Ka Naya Tevar Audition 2018 Online Registration

By | April 29, 2018

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Are you a dancer ? Want to show your dancing talent to the world. Then you are at right place. Well Hello guys, We came back again with one more reality show that is High Fever Dance Ka Naya Tevar. This show will be broadcasted by & TV.  Guys & TV is back again with your favorite dance show. This show is the superb dancing show. If someone has a talent of dancing, but didn’t get a platform then this is great news for those guys.  Dance ka Naya Tevar gives chance to the candidates who admire dancing. Dancing itself is an art with feeling of enjoy. If anyone is fond of dancing then his/her world is perfectly amazing and different from others. They can feel every beat of music and express it by their dancing. Dance Ka Naya Tevar Audition 2018 Details is been provided in this post.

Dance Ka Naya Tevar Audition

High Fever Dance Ka Naya Tevar Audition 2018 Online Registration

Dance Ka Naya Tevar Audition Details

Guys you need to know what is Dance ? Have you ever think about that? Ok we will tell you the exact meaning of Dance. So Dance is an art which consisting of purposefully sequences of emotions of human movements. Dancers feel each and every rhythm of music and express it as dance.

Dance Ka Naya Tevar is the reality show which gives the opportunity to the candidates to make their career and name in dance. This is the only dance show which allows dancers only in pairs. No one is allowed to dance in solo performance. If you have a talent of dance and want to prove yourself in dancing then this will be the perfect platform for you. Guys hurry up register yourself for High Fever Dance Ka Naya Tevar Audition.

Note * Dance Ka Naya Tevar only allow to dance in pair, No one can allowed to be dance in solo.

Dance Ka Naya Tevar Audition Conditions 

Guys conditions of the show that you have to dance in pair only. If you already have a dance partner then this show is for you. Guys, if you are perfect at solo dancing don’t you worry about then you can seek a partner for your duet performance and you can practice together. The shows terms and conditions must be accepted by the guarding/parent of the Jodi. Also you can check India’s Got Talent 2018 Audition for Solo Dancing.

  • For getting entered pair/Jodi has to submit their entry.
  • Each interested pair/Jodi have to record their dance video together and upload on registered on valid social network and then paste the same link on application form during registration process.
  • Prior to the submission of entries, company of dance production may invite the pair for participation. These terms and conditions is only for the auditions selected pairs. No one can challenge to judges judgment. If any one found to do this they will be directly eliminate from the show.

Eligibility Criteria of Dance Ka Naya Tevar 

Dance Ka Naya Tevar has set some criteria that wil be mandatory for the candidates. Check all the necessary criteria for entrance of the Dance Ka Naya Duar Show.

Age :-  Age of the candidate should be more than 4 years. No one will be allowed to get entry below this age.

Fitness:- Participants should be medically fit in order to get entry for dance competition.

Criminal Record:- Participants should not have any criminal record in order to get an entry in Dance Ka Naya Tevar.

Liability:- Participants should liable to be a part of only their show. No participants should be under contract with other show.

Pairs:- Entrance will be accepted only for the pairs.

Dance Ka Naya Tevar Audition Video Tips

  • As we mentioned above about the video. You have to make a video of your dance for getting in to this show. Remember one thing that makes the video only in pair, because the show is only for the pair dancing only not for solo performance.
  • Firstly we recommended you to wear neat and clean clothes before recording a video because you clothes display your first impression.
  • Use HD quality camera to make your video. Video should be high definition and clear.
  • For an effective video firstly introduce yourself. Your introduction should be clear-cut. Introduction should not be more than 2 minutes. After that introduce your dance style. Further you can start your dance. Record your every step of dance. You can also add some effects in video. It could help you to make your video stylish.

Dance Ka Naya Tevar Online Registration Form

Well for registration into the Dance Ka Naya Tevar Audition channel has provide the online process. To get participation in the dance show everyone has to register himself/herself online. As there will be no other process. And TV only provides the online process. Friends other than online process no registration will be accepted by the channel. So we advise all of you to apply via online mode. Friends we will tell you whole process of registration to participate in Dance Ka Naya Tevar.

  1. Open the web page of andtv.
  2. Click on the Registration which is on the upper side of the page.
  3. After clicking on the Registration a page will open which include the Registration form.
  4. You have to enter your details like Name, Date of Birth, Age, E-mail ID, Contact No., Gender, Resident of city, Country, State , Dance partner Name, Dance Partner age and Relationship with dance partner.
  5. At last paste the video link on the specified space and click on the “Send” and finally submit the registration form.
  6. Guys you all need to accept all the Terms & Conditions before the submission.
  7. Make sure that no column should left empty, or it will lead to rejection your form. So fill the form carefully.

Interested pairs can upload your video inn any of the social websites like facebook, twiter, Google +, Instagram etc.

MoreAuditions Date

This was all about the Dance Ka Naya Tevar Audition 2018 Online Registration Form. Guys the show has started and now you all will see the performance of the contestants in the show. The contestants will perform in the pairs and sprinkles their talent to the world. The High Fever Dance Ka Naya Tevar show judges are  Lara Dutta, Ahmed Khan & Dana Alexa. These all judges will judge the contestants not just only by their performance but also the bonding in between the pairs while they will dance. So this show is started now. You can get here all the recent updates about this show. So stay tuned with us.

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