Dus Ka Dum Play Along App Online [10 Ka Dum] Sonyliv – Winner Prize

By | June 5, 2018

Dus Ka Dum Play Along App Online [10 Ka Dum] Sonyliv – Winner Prize, 10 Ka Dum Online Play, How to apply for Dus Ka Dum Play Online, Dus Ka Dum Online Winner Prize, Dus Ka Dum Common Questions 

Hello viewers, we are again came back with a new trending topic Dus Ka Dum show. This show is very famous, which is hosted by Mr Salman Khan. This is a quiz-based show which aires on Sony TV 10 Ka Dum show telecast on Sony TV On Monday and Tuesday at 9 PM. Most of the people wanted to get entry into this show but due to some circumstances they could not play the game. Sony TV has launched the Dus Ka Dum Play Along App Online for those who could not participate in the show. This app has been introduced for the fans of the Salman Khan. Dus ka Dum Season 3 registration 2018 is about to start very soon. Dus Ka Dum contestant list 2018 for the same will be disclosed soon.

Dus Ka Dum Play Along App Online

Dus Ka Dum Play Along App Online

Dus Ka Dum Play Online

By the use of this app you will get a chance to play online and participate in 10 Ka Dum show. Guys you can play 10 Ka Dum online along with Salman Khan. Sony TV has launched this application for the audience to participate more and get a chance to meet with Salman Khan and also win great prizes. Dus Ka Dum Play Along App Online will have some pre-requisites that one should have to follow. You will have to answer some questions to achieve the mega prize. By the use of this app, audience will get a chance to play online in 10 Ka Dum show. This will be the great opportunity for the audience, to be a part of this show and to win exciting prizes. The prize will be enormous and exciting. If you want to know about the Dus Ka Dum Play Along App Online, then here some important for you.

Dus Ka Dum Play Along App Online

  1. Guys firstly you have to download Dus Ka Dum Play Along App Online on your mobile
  2. After that you have to install the app on your mobile phone after the successful installation of this app you have to open the app and click on the message displayed on your mobile screen “Show Par Mere Sath Khelne Ke Liye Yahan Click Kijiye”.
  3. Then your mobile screen will display the options like start playing and how to play.
  4. Then your mobile screen will display options like start playing and how to play.
  5. You have to click on start playing and after clicking on start playing you will be asked to login via social websites like Facebook and Google
  6. Then after login via either Facebook or Google.
  7. You have to register yourself by providing email ID and your valid mobile number (which will be required later)
  8. Then you need to click on submit.
  9. The game will be started after the final submission of your details
  10. You need to answer correct for keep playing Dus Ka Dum Play Along App Online.
  11. You will be also provided a leader board which display the best user with the high ranking on the show.

This app will also provide the facility to upload a video selfie that is also called as ‘Velfie’ with Salman Khan on 10 Ka Dum show.

Dus Ka Dum Play Along App Online | How To Play

Guys, you all are very well known to the 10 Ka Dum show, as you have seen previous seasons of this show. In this show you will be asked for survey based questions and you have to answer them correct. In this app you will asked such types of questions, you will have to answer one by one to proceed further.

  1. Friends, The game will consists of the 40 levels.
  2. Each level will be consisting of 20 questions.
  3. Contestants will have to answer these questions one by one to gain points in each level.
  4. More you will cross the levels, more close you will be to prize and Salman Khan.

Some common Questions asked in Dus Ka Dum Play Along App Online:-

1st Question – What %age of Indians read a newspaper in the toilet?

2nd Question – What %age of Indians approves the inter-caste marriage?

3rd Question – What %age of men in India Knows how to make food?

4th Question – What %age of Indians Abuse in their mind while smiling?

5th Question – What %age of Indian men think that they are more intelligent than women?

6th Question – What %age of boyfriends speak English in front of their girlfriend?

7th Question – What %age of Indians believe that macho man do not cry?

8th Question – What %age of Indians believes that rules are meant to be broken?

Dus Ka Dum Play Along App Online Winner Prize

10 Ka Dum show is now going to little bit different from the previous formats of the show. In this show all the viewers can also play online with Salman Khan via 10 Ka Dum app play along. As we have mentioned earlier how to download this app. Guy’s the winner of the show will consisting of the exciting prizes. There will be more than 20 lakhs prizes that one can win. Take a look to these prizes.

Prize Nos.
Sony Liv Premium Membership Up to 35 Lakhs.
Headphone (Sony) 1000
Sony Bluetooth Speakers 250
Home Theater Sony 25
Sony Bravia Screen 10
Mega Prize 01

There will be more than 20 Lakhs prizes to be won. The amazing car will be the first mega prize. The second prize will be the sony Bravia HDR TV. Third prize will be the superb sony home theater. Guys these are the amazing prizes. You own these only when you will play Dus ka Dum Play Along App. So get ready for answers the survey based questions that will be asked in every show by Salman Khan. Hope you all will get the all detailed information about the show.

To win these exiciting prizes you will have to follow some steps that we have mentioned below.

  1. As you know you have to log on to the website of sonylive.com
  2. Then follow the procedure that we have mentioned above.
  3. When you will enter in to the question round, you have to play and give correct answers to the asked questions.
  4. You will be asked survey based questions that you need to give correct answers one by one.
  5. More you will give correct answers more you will get near to the prizes.
  6. On each correct answer you will be awarded with points in your account.
  7. On the behalf of these points you will achieve a rank and on behalf of your rank you may win prize.
  8. More you will get near to the small rank more will be your possibility of winning a prize.

This App is also a another screen to interact with 10 Ka Dum game. So guys, this was all about 10 Ka Dum Play Along App. Hope you all like this post. You will be updated soon further for Dus Ka Dum Show.

Dus Ka Dum Auditions – Required Documents 

Guys, if you want to play along Dus Ka Dum then you need to have the following documents. You have to submit the below mentioned documents.

  1. Aadhaar Card
  2. Permanent Account Number
  3. Ration Card
  4. Voter ID Card
  5. Passport
  6. four Passport size photographs
  7. Driving License

Guys, you just need to submit any 4 documents. All the submitted documents should be legal and valid, if found forgery then action will be taken against the candidate.

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