How to Make Video For Bigg Boss Audition {Season-12} Tips / Preparation Tricks

By | February 13, 2018

How to Make Video For Bigg Boss Audition {Season-12} Tips / Preparation Tricks, How To Prepare Bigg Boss 12 Audition Video

Friends, Do you want to participate in Bigg Boss 12? Do you have will to apply for the auditions of Bigg Boss 12? Do you want to know how to prepare audition video for Bigg Boss 12? If you have any of these questions in your mind then you are at the right place. In this article we will tell you everything that you might need in order to prepare for the auditions of Bigg Boss 12. As we all know Bigg Boss is the biggest show in Indian Television and everyone wants to participate in it. Thus, the competition is very tough and those who want to participate in the show need to prepare really well to clear the Bigg Boss 12 audition.  Details are been given in the article below, so read it till the very end. In this article we will try our best to provide you information that may help you in making an audition video. If you have more questions please mentioned in the below comment section. We will try to help you guys.

How to Make Video For Bigg Boss Audition

Beware Note – Before telling anything about the audition videos, first thing we want to say to people is to beware of fraud. Guys there are many websites and people who are asking money for the audition or registration in Bigg Boss 12. We want to make it very clear that no entry fee/ registration fee/ audition fee is needed for the Bigg Boss 12. Thus stay cautious about the frauds.

How to Make Video For Bigg Boss Audition

Now, Let me tell you, Yes the competition for the auditions of Bigg Boss 12 is very tough but if, you approach the auditions in right way you will be selected for the show. In this article we will tell you about all those things & make sure that you prepare well for the auditions.

Bigg Boss 12 Audition Tips

The auditions for the Bigg Boss 12 will start very soon in June and thus people need to start preparing for the auditions. The first thing that is required to participate in the show is to register online for Bigg Boss 12. How to register for Bigg Boss 12, You Ask? The answer is registration can be done by two Modes. One is Registration through Voot App & Other is Registration through Voot Website. The registration and audition details is been provided in this article so you can check that out if you want to know about registration or audition process in detail. Here, we will provide you the brief process of Bigg Boss 12 Registration & Audition.

Steps for Bigg Boss 12 Registration

These are some very simple steps that are needed to be followed to apply for Bigg Boss 12. The details about the process is been given in other article of this website and you can check that out for detailed information.

Those people who want to know that how to create that video and what should they need to do to make audition video more interesting. This article is especially for those people. The things which you need to do to make the audition video are mentioned below in this article.

Tips For Making Bigg Boss Audition Video

There are certain things that you must keep in mind to prepare the audition video. The things that you must keep in mind are as follows:

  • Try to be Yourself
  • Wear Good Clothes
  • Location of Video
  • Light System
  • Audio System
  • Camera Quality
  • Use Editing

Try to be Yourself

Before providing you any tips, let me tell you one thing we have searched and looked for the previous auditions video and one thing that we noticed about their character is they were not trying to show themselves any different then what they really are. We highly recommend to those people, who want to try for the Bigg Boss 12 auditions, “Be Yourself”. Do not try to copy anyone. Show the Bigg Boss team what kind of person you actually are. If you are trying to be extra cool by copying anyone else because he/she is successful, you will not be selected. We are not saying that you can’t take inspiration from anyone; off course you can take inspiration by do not copy them.

In video tell about yourself give your introduction and tell the Bigg Boss team why they must take you in the show. Present yourself as entertaining. As we all know, Bigg Boss is all about entertainment so entertaining part is very important. Also make sure to show them that you have leadership quality and you can lead any team. Explain them how good you are in manipulating other people.

Wear Good Clothes

When you are recording your audition video you might be in your home. But still wear good clothes. Because, your personality will present the first impression on the viewer. Wear decent clothes and look presentable. Now, As I said to wear good that doesn’t mean that you have to wore suit or Shairwani or for girls sari for anything extra ordinary. Just wear good jeans & T-shirt or Kurta Pajama but just make yourself presentable that all.

Location Of Video

While you are recording audition video make sure a decent background. Because believe me or not location matters a lot and a good background makes an impression. You do not have to do much for a good background you can do that in any park, roof, even farm etc just make sure that you have nice background which enhance your video quality. Try not to be in noisy place or in a room where fan or cooler is making a lot of noise. Be in a good looking and noise free Zone while recording audition video of Bigg Boss 12.

Light System

This is not a rocket science everyone knows that good light is required for nice video. Thus make sure to record video in morning or afternoon. Make sure the light quality is good when you are recording the video. Good light will definitely enhance the quality of your video.

Audio System

After Light the next thing you need to keep in mind is the good audio quality of video. No video is good until it has good sound quality. Our advice is that use good Mic. or even a good earphone mouth piece will do. Other thing that you need to keep in mind is that, do not hesitate while speaking and speak loud and clear. Show you passion and enthusiasm for the show through your words and voice. We have given you a example video in which girl is not speaking loud enough and hence no one will be interested to hear her. This will lower the probability of selection in the show. Thus do not do this while recording to the video.

Camera Quality

Record you video with a good quality camera. Mobile with good camera or DSLR you can use anything but make sure it has good camera quality. Even if, it is not that HD, but make sure it to look good enough to watch. Do not make video with any low quality camera. An estimate of camera quality around 13 MP will be nice to record the video.

Use Editing

Guys this is a very important step & do not take it lightly. Most people underestimate the editing power but a good editing make even a ok video excellent and a bad editing can make excellent video worse. Thus make sure to edit your video before submitting into Voot. Editing is a art and if you are not good at it, take the help of your friends. Ask for help for anyone who is good in editing video. The Bigg Boss 12 Contestants List with Photos expected name are mentioned in this website.

These are some things that people need to keep in mind while recording audition video of Bigg Boss 12.

Here are some video that will help you in recording the audition video of Bigg Boss 12.

How to Make Video For Bigg Boss Audition Tips From Manveer Gurjar

Manveer Gurjar came as a commoner in Bigg Boss 10 and till the end of season he is the biggest celebrity. He also came victorious and recently, he gave some very important tips about auditions of Bigg Boss. In below mentioned video you will get what he has to say about the auditions for the aspirants.

How to Make Video For Bigg Boss Audition From Lokesh Kumari

Lokesh Kumari is another commoner who came into Bigg Boss 10. We are providing you the original Audition Video of Lokesh Kumari. Watch it, you might get some help from this.

How to Make Video For Bigg Boss Audition Via Priyanka Jagga

Priyanka Jagga is another contestant who get selected in Bigg Boss 10 as commoner. This is her audition video it will help you understand how you really need to record your video and what and how you must speak.

So, this is it guys we really hope it will help you in your audition preparation of Bigg Boss 12. If you found our article helpful please like this and share it with your friends. All the Best for Bigg Boss 12 Audition.

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