Roadies Xtreme X6 Winner 2018 [Contestants] Finalist Names

By | April 24, 2018

Roadies Xtreme X6 Winner 2018 [Contestants] Finalist Names, MTV Roadies Xtreme Season 15 Finnalist Names, Who will be winner of season 15 2018 ? Roadies Season 15 Finalist Contestants, MTV Roadies All season Winner

Hello friends you have seen many reality shows on your television. Every channel has their reality show been telecasting from many years. One show has come into the race from 2003 and Set new record in the reality television history. Can you guess the name? Absolutely! We are talking about MTV roadies. MTV Roadies is the show which is very famous in the youngster. As the name indicates the show from a long time has been aired on MTV in this show contestants have to perform various tasks in different destinations. These tasks challenge their physical and mental abilities. During the course of journey contestants will be out or in. All the contestants have to perform the task face several twists. The contestant who will stand at the last will be the winner of MTV roadies. Thus winner of the show is one, who will fight all the challenges and remains safe during the vote out. Here we will discuss about Roadies Xtreme X6 Winner 2018.

Roadies Xtreme X6 Winner 2018

Roadies Xtreme X6 Winner 2018

Roadies Xtreme X6 Winner 2018

Friends as MTV roadies has successfully completed its 16 seasons and now it is moving towards its 15th season in fact 15th season is still going on. First season of MTV roadies was hosted by Cyrus Sahukar. And from second season up to 11 season Rannvijay Singh was the host of the show. After 11th season VJ Bani & Gaelyn Mendonca hosted the show. VJ Barney was the host In 12 season. Gaelyn Mendonca was the host of the show from 13 season up to 15th. Friends this time competition will be tough. So lets see who will win the title of Roadies Xtreme X6 Winner 2018. Contestants of MTV Roadies Xtreme always been in headlines. All the contestants of this show were very good and now for the MTV Roadies Xtreme 2018 the judges filtering out the contestants. Now Gang Leaders are there for contestants and on the basis of their judgement contestants will be refined. One special fact about 15th season is that Rann Vijay has a special power so that he can vote twice for any contestant.

Roadies Xtreme X6 Winner 2018 | All Season winner Names

Season Year Location Winner Name
1st   Season 2003 India Rann Vijay
2nd  Season 2004 India Aushman Khurana
3rd  Season 2005 India Parul shahi
4th  Season 2006 – 2007 India Anthony Yeh
5th  Season 2007 – 2008 India, Thailand & Malaysia Ashutosh Kaushik
6th  Season 2008 – 2009 India & Australia Nauman Sait
7th  Season 2009 – 2010 India, Kenya and Egypt Anwer Syed
8th  Season 2011 India, Brazil Aanchal khurana
9th  Season 2012 India & United States Of America Vikas Khoker
10th  Season 2013 India Palak Johal
11th  Season 2014 India Nikhil Sachdeva
12th  Season 2015 India, Nepal Prince Narula
13th  Season 2016 India, Bhutan Balraj Khera
14th  Season 2017 India Shweta Mehta

15th  season

Fans Roadies Xtreme X6 Winner 2018 name is yet to be announced. 15th season of roadies xtreme is ongoing season. It is an airing on MTV India channel.

Roadies Xtreme X6 Winner 2018 | Finalist

Friends as you all know that MTV Roadies extreme season 15 is going on channel MTV India. You have seen many ups and downs of the contestants in this season. In this season 14 contestants are participating. Everyone are thinking, who will be the winner of season? All what the fans of this reality show will be very excited and curious to know that who will be the winner of season 15. This season is different from past seasons. All the contestants have vote from Gang leaders. Rannvijay will be having a special power of two votes, by the use of these votes he can save the contestant for further game. This season is different and have some twists in it. All the contestants have to perform the task to remain immune. Those contestants who will remain safe till the finals, will be the finalists.

MTV Roadies Xtreme 2018 Contestants

From the auditions which are held in different cities, 20 contestants have been selected for the show. Out of 20 contestants 10 are boys and 10 are girls. Now let’s see who will be the of the Roadies Xtreme X6 Winner 2018. Out of the 20 contestants 5 will be in the finalist list. All the selected contestants have to prove themselves by performing the tasks. Out of these one will be the Roadies Xtreme X6 Winner 2018. Check out the contestants below.

  1. Shruti singha
  2. Vidhit Sharma
  3. Preeti Kunthal
  4. Pavneet Singh
  5. Rohan
  6. Samiksha Malik
  7. Sonu Jatt
  8. Surbhi Rana
  9. Syed Khurshid
  10. Vivek Bohra
  11. Abhishek Dubey
  12. Kashish Thakur
  13. Farah Fatima
  14. Mini Rohela
  15. Sandy Saha
  16. Nishkarsh
  17. Kriti Verma
  18. Subhadha
  19. Geetika Sood
  20. Priya Sindhu 

The selection of the candidates in PI round by group leaders Raftaar, Prince Narula, Neha Dhupia & Nikhil Chinnapa. In this season Rann Vijay have the new role. Rann Vijay will have a power of 2 votes and can save the contestant from getting evicted.

So these were all the MTV Roadies contestants name of 15th season. Winner name will be updated here when it will be announced. Till then stay in touch with us. As the show will come to its end, winner name will be announced and will be updated here. Stay updated with this website.

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