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By | February 21, 2018

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Hello! Friends, if you are looking for the Bigg Boss 12 Wild Card Contestants than you are at the right place. Bigg Boss is originally based on the Netherland show Big Brother. This show is created by John de Mol. This show was first developed by Endemol. Bigg Boss is the Indian version of this show. Bigg Boss has completed its 11 seasons successfully. This show is the biggest reality show in Indian television. Show is ranked number 1 and it attracts all the people of every age group and gender. Over the years this show has acted as magnet to TRPs and the success is incomparable to any other show.  Through this post we will provide you the details about the Bigg Boss 12 Wild Card Entry.

Bigg Boss 12 Wild Card Entry

As mentioned earlier Bigg Boss is a hit show. This show is telecasted by Colors Television and Voot. Voot telecast show in both Voot App and Website. Thus people can enjoy show even from their laptop, PC and mobile phones. Show stay on air for around 3 months every year. People love this show and wait for its new season for whole year. We all love this show and watching it for 11 years. This year Bigg Boss is running its 12th season. Show is running from 2006-07. First it is broadcasted by Sony TV but after first season this show is broadcasted by Colors TV. In 10th season, for the first time commoners are included in show as contestants and that raised the show popularity even more. Before that everyone wanted to participate in Bigg Boss but they can’t do it. But now they can participate in show.

 Bigg Boss 12 Wild Card Entry

Bigg Boss 12 Wild Card Entry


After the inclusion of commoner in Bigg Boss as contestants people are excited to participate in the show. Every year hundreds of people apply for the show registration and audition. To participate in Bigg Boss 12 people have to go through the Registration and Audition Process of the show. As now, anyone can aneter onto Bigg Boss house, this leads to even more curiosity in people. Every year Bigg Boss include Wild Card Entries into Bigg Boss House. This year is no different and the details about Bigg Boss 12 Wild Card Entry Contestants is been given in this article. People can enter into Bigg Boss 12 and participate as contestant in show. The Bigg Boss 12 Registration and Bigg Boss 12 Audition details in been provided in this website and the link is also been given in this article along with the Bigg Boss 12 Contestants List.

What is Bigg Boss 12 Wild Card Entry?

Most people must be aware of the Wild Card Entries. But those people who do not know what are wild card entries, we will tell them, about that. Every Year Bigg Boss includes some Wild Card Entries on Bigg Boss House. First Bigg Boss selects some contestants into Bigg Boss and then after few weeks later few other contestants are included into Bigg Boss as Contestants. They are known as Wild Cards. They are the people which enter into Bigg Boss house to increase the entertainment level in house for the audience. Wild Cards can be anyone he/she may be the eliminated contestant or any other new person. They bring new twists into the house and add new dimensions in Bigg Boss house. They certainly make the show even more entertaining.

Wild card entries have a benefit that they come late in the show thus and come after watching the episodes of the show, thus know about the secrets of the contestants living in it. They also arrive with new energy. But they also have some drawback as well. People don’t know them like they know other house members and thus if they don’t found them entertaining enough they will not vote them. But, one thing that comes with wild card entries is entertainment. They will come with the new prospective into the house and will bring new dimensions into it. The Bigg Boss 12 Wild Card Entry Contestants details is been provided in the article below. Thos people who want to know about the Wild Card Contestants must read this article till the end.

Bigg Boss 12 Wild Card Entry Contestants

To win Bigg Boss 12 contestant have to stay in the house till the end. Show run for 3 months and the last standing contestant with the maximum number of votes wins the title, cash prize and trophy. Wild card entries have to do the same to win the show. Till now we have seen some really wild entries. They entertained us alot and we are expecting this to happen this year as well. Those people who want to participate in the Bigg Boss 12 they have to go through the registration and audition process of the show. But, those people who want to participate in the Bigg Boss 12 but somehow missed the audition they can apply through the wild card entry. The search for the Wild Card Contestants is not over yet and this is a great chance for the people to enter into Bigg Boss House.

Bigg Boss 12 Wild Card Entry Contestants List

Wild Card Entry Number 1

Wild Card Entry Number 2

Wild Card Entry Number 3

Wild card Entry Number 4

The Bigg Boss 12 Wild Card Entry Names has not been announced yet the officials. The names will soon be updated in this article for the people. The show organizers will soon release the details about the names and we will update them here for you. Thus keep an eye on this article and keep visiting for the latest updates of the Wild Card Entry Contestants Names.

Bigg Boss 12 Wild Card Entries Voting Process

The voting can be done through SMS, App and Website. The process of voting for wild card entries is same as any other contestant in house. People have to vote their favorite nominated contestant through above mentioned ways. The Details about Bigg Boss 12 Voting Online and Offline is been provided in another article of this website people can check it from given link. The votes are very important for any contestant to stay in house. Thus, people don’t be lazy and vote your favourite contestant as much as you can. Your vote will make the difference in between any contestant staying in house or eliminating from it. The winner will also be declared on bases of number of votes. Contestant with maximum number of votes will win the show. The voting lines will open in few days and people can vote from the link given in this article.

That is all about Bigg Boss 12 Wild Card Entry Contestants 2018-19 till now. The latest updates will be given very soon. Thus, stay in touch with us. Also like and share us on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc with your family and friends.

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