[Star Plus] Sabse Smart Kaun Registration 2018

By | May 16, 2018

[Star Plus] Sabse Smart Kaun Registration 2018 | How To Play~Questions & Prize

Guys you know that various channels are participating in the reality shows. Many channels have their own reality shows that are very famous and have a huge fan following. Friends, apart from the various reality shows one reality show is going to enter in the race. Yes Star Plus is going to start a new show “Sabse Smart Kaun” This is the quiz based show. It is the game show in which all will have chance to participate. As you seen the advertisement that you have to answer the questions. Guys, one of the unique thing about the show, this is the show in which anyone can take part. So guys, be prepare for the amazing show. Star Plus will give the chance to the talented candidates. You can get here all the details about the show Sabse Smart Kaun Registration.


Sabse Smart Kaun Registration

Sabse Smart Kaun” is the show in which everyone gets the chance to win the show. As this is the new show, so you will have to see the new format of the show. You will see the new twist about the show. In this show the smartness of the people will be seen. If you have a capability of answering the question then this will be for you. Every quiz based show has general knowledge based question, but this show is not about that. In this show participants will not remain updated to the general knowledge. All the participants needs to be aware to give the right answer to the question in short time. The show host and the viewers are very exciting for this show. Let’s see how much TRP will be gained by Sabse Smart Kaun show.

Sabse Smart Kaun Show Host 

The show will be hosted by the Ravi Dubey. He just finished the one reality show hosting Rising Star Season 2. So lets see how Mr. Ravi Dubey will host the show. He said that “The show hosted by the Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan were the kind of the show that needed a certain skills set in among people but this show has to do with presence of mind and the show concept is little different” This show will be aired on Star Plus on the prime times. So guys, in this show the different question will be asked. While sitting at the home one can win the handsome amount of money prize. The only need is to just answer the question those will be asked and displays on your TV screens.

Show Name Sabse Smart Kaun
Season 1st
Category Quiz based reality show
Aired on Star Plus
In this Article Sabse Smart Kaun Registration

Sabse Smart Kaun Registration , How To Play

Guys as the Sabse Smart Kaun Registration process till not announced by the officials but when it will be announced, you all will be updated here. As you guys have seen the promo of the show. One question has been asked in this. Let me tell you that how can you play Sabse Smart Kaun game show.

Kauwa udta aasmaan me hai Magar rehta kahan hai?

Guys you are thinking that which type of question is this? Yes these types of the questions will be asked in this show. Let me tell you briefly about this question. Guys, as you are watching that in this question there are two different formats. Yes take a look. First Kauwa udta aasmaan me hai this is one and other is Magar rehta kahan hai? Yes basically this is the question. Here magar means crocodile. Yes now you may have understand now. So the answer of this question is “Paani” means water. Crocodile lives in water.

Sabse Smart Kaun Registration, Questions & Prize Money

Every question will be consisting of prize money. So get ready for earn a huge amount of prize money. Let me tell you about the other trick based questions, those will look very simple but while answering these looks more difficult.

1st Question – वह क्या है जो हमेशा आ रहा है पर कभी आता नहीं है?

2nd Question– वो क्या है जिसका हेड भी है और टेल भी है पर बॉडी नहीं है?

3rd Question– सप्ताह के लगातार आने वाले किन्ही तीन दिनों के नाम बताओ लेकिन इसमें बुधवार, शुक्रवार और रविवार का नाम नही आना चाहिए?

So friends, these are the some details about the show Sabse Smart Kaun Registration. Hope you will understand the show format and its tricky questions. You will have to answer the questions very smartly. Now there have been no such details about the Sabse Smart Kaun Registration, but when the officials will announce it, you all will be updated here. Till then stay connected with us.

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